Season Stocking (stealth and ninja!) (seasonstocking) wrote,
Season Stocking (stealth and ninja!)

Season Stocking is open, but with a new home!

We're happy to announce that Season Stocking is officially open for another year. We're sorry for the delay, but you'll soon see why...

Season Stocking has moved to seasonstockings!!!

Please find the registration post here :)

We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Why did you move?
We decided to change over to a community because Season Stocking has grown so large that (overall) it would be more efficient as as community. Also, if we had simply changed seasonstocking into a community, all the past Stockings (both entries and comments!!) would've been deleted in the process, which would've been very sad.

Why is membership closed at seasonstockings?
Membership is closed because LiveJournal does not allow for entries in a community to be backdated. All stocking entries on seasonstocking are backdated to avoid flooding your flists. This is one reason why we decided to start off as a user. Thus, membership is closed to avoid flooding your flists.

How am I going to know if my friends get stockings then? Or when stockings are revealed?
We advise you to friend this account, seasonstocking, if you have not already done so, for updates including the Daily Stocking Count and The Big Reveal. We promise to only post one update per day at most in order to avoid spamming you.

Do you need any help this year?
We are looking for mods due to the expected growth of Season Stocking. If you're interested look out for further information on this in the next week or so.

Thank you :)
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