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Season Stocking (stealth and ninja!)
With a week to go until the great unveiling, seasonstockings has closed its stocking registration for the year. Thank you to everyone who has participated and shared us with their friends lists.

Total stocking count this year is a grand total of 184!

The next post from us will be the announcement that all stockings are unscreened!

Until then, please remember that you can still participate by sharing joy with other stockings through being generous with your giving. There are still some stockings that aren't as full as anyone would like so let's make sure everyone has a Merry Christmas and dig deep!

Best wishes!

P.S. Don't forget to thank our lovely mod team (nemiller13, wildly, crinkle, ladyofavalon77, lavillenie, catwench and claws) for their help this year! ♥